Aluminium Coating Coil (PE&PVDF)

aluminium coating coil

Aluminium coating coil PE and PVDF for roof, ceiling, ACP usage

Alloy: 1100, 1050, 3003, 3104, 3105, 5005 etc

Thickness: 0.02~6.0mm Width: maximum 2500mm

Coating: PE, PVDF accordingly to RAL code

Coating thickness: PE ≥ 18mic; PVDF ≥ 25mic; premier ≥ 5mic

Gloss: 10~90% (EN ISO-2813: 1994)

Application: ACP, roof, ceiling, wall cladding, facades, canopies, signboards, blind window, display platforms, electrical panels, etc

Detail Technical of Aluminium pre-painted coil:

Macroscopic Structure

1)    Crack, impurity, pore and lamination fault are not allowed

2)    Surface grain fineness≥II

3)    Melt H content≤0.18mL/100gAl


1)    Heat-treated belt, impurity, pore, cavitation, crack, erosion and Streaky Segregation are not allowed

2)    Chromate treated for pre-coating capacity guaranteed

Coating properties (YS/T429.2-2000)

1. Treatment before coating: Chromate treatment, the film of Chromate should within 200~1300mg/m2

2. Color Difference: within 5 luster degree

3. Adhesive capacity: Dry, wet and hot water adhesive should be Level 0

4. Hardness: ≥1H for pencil test

5. Anti-impingement Experiment: Crack and break are not allowed

6. Anti-nitric acid erosion property: Color difference: △Eab* ≤5.0

7. Anti-impregnant property: do not disclose the bottom after 100 times scrub after butanone experiment

8. Anti-abstersion experiment: Coating film do not break with adhesive tape

9. After 1000 hours acetic acid mist experiment, no erosion spot in coating surface; After 120 hours Copper acceleration experiment, protect degree≥9.5

10. Artificial Acceleration: After 2000 hours artificial aging experiment(neon light radiant), no pulverization in the surface, Gloss reduction≤30% (Level II), Color difference△Eab*≤3.0 (Level I)

11. Temperature Humidity Test: Difference Level≤1 after 1000 hours’ experiment

12. Anti-abrade: abrasion coefficient≥1.6L/um after sand trail