Glance of the main application of Mirach's ETP, TFS and PPGI application


Electrolytic Tinplate (ETP) is primarily used for packaging foodstuffs and beverages, or fruit such as tomato, but it is also used in containers for oils, grease, paints, polishes, chemicals and many other products. Aerosol can / containers, spray can and caps and twist-off closures are also made from ETP, as well as gift can.

food can, tinplate aerosol can, tinplate package


Tin Free Steel (TFS) are most frequently used for can tops, screw and lug caps, fish can, snap and press-on closures and shallow-drawn food cans.


In Electronics: Electrodes, Cable tape, Magnetic screen covers, etc.

In Engineering: Automotive oil filters, Automotive air filters, Gaskets, etc.

In Construction: Gas meter internal components, Heat exchangers, cookware, shelving, etc.


Application of Prepainted galvanized / galvalume steel coil

PPGI for Household appliance

Mirach PPGI Household Appliance

PPGI for Prefab

Mirach Metallurgy PPGI PREFAB

PPGI for Roof

Mirach PPGI  for Roof

PPGI for Automobile

Mirach PPGI car automobile