5 Steps to Cut Medium-Gauge Steel

In this article, we discuss how to cut Medium-Gauge Steel. The whole technology is just 5 steps. The detail of  Medium-Gauge Steel products produce process you can find below.

medium gauge steel picture

1. Cut steel between 16 gauge and 8 gauge with an electric jigsaw with a metal cutting blade or with a hacksaw.

2. Clamp your steel to a work bench or sawhorse. For thinner gauge metal you may want to use a piece of scrap wood as backing so that the stainless steel sheet does not bend during cutting.

3. Mark a line along which you wish to make your cut with a permanent marker or scribe.

4. Put on a pair of safety glasses, leather gloves and earplugs. Fit your metal cutting blade into your hacksaw or jigsaw. Line the blade up with the edge of the steel sheet and activate the electric saw blade. The blade may heat up quickly, which will cause it to dull, so work slowly and take frequent breaks from cutting. Keep hands and fingers out of the path of the saw blade at all times and watch for flying debris. If the saw blade gets stuck at any point, immediately disengage the power and realign the blade to prevent damage to the saw.

5. Sand the rough edges and burs with sandpaper after you have allowed the piece to cool.