Aluminum Foil Tape in Business

Here, experts from professional aluminium coil alloy products distributor share Aluminum Foil Tape in Business. The detail info and pricing of Aluminum Foil Tape are as follow:

High thermal conductivity maximizes heating or cooling efficiency
High heat reflectivity protects temperature-sensitive materials against heat damage and hot spots.
Protects parts from flame damage.
Seals and protects sensitive surfaces from dust and moisture.
Resists UV degradation for long-term performance.

Northern Tool Aluminum Foil Tape                                                   Price: $11
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2in.W x 10 yards. Meets ASTM E-84-91a specifications. HUD approved for flame spread test. U.S.A.

Box Helmets Aluminum Foil Tape – 2″ Width x 60 yd Length – 24 / Carton     Price$1,412
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Additional Information: Aluminum foil backing with aggressive acrylic adhesive Provides water proofing barrier and air lea