aluminum plate suppliers

In this article, three famous aluminum plate suppliers will be introduced. If you are looking for aluminum plate products, you can contact Mirach Metallurgy Co.,Limited for detail.

Mirach Metallurgy Co.,Limited is a professional distributor specializing in steel and aluminium business for more than a decade, including stainless steel bar and sheet, tinplate, cold rolled, hot line clamp, and wrought aluminium coil alloy products from 1000 to 8000 series.

We are proficient in ferrous and nonferrous metals. Copper, brass and bronze are supplied in a multitude of shapes, sizes, tempers. Copper alloys are offered as flat & round wire, bar, plate, sheet, strip, rod, tube or in centrifugal and continuous cast bar and wrought bar, sheet, tube, wire. Where possible, we offer no minimum order requirements & no order quantity is too small.

Diversified Metals is the number one source for stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, nickel and special alloys. We offer cost-efficient materials, excellent customer service, timely shipping and exceptional quality control. Diversified Metals has been in business since 1977.