China Metal Packaging Industry Developed Rapidly

With the rapid growth of China's economy and consumption in recent years, as an important part of China's packaging industry, metal packaging for its good tightness and with bright patterns in the food, beverage, cosmetic and household goods industries are widely used, especially food and beverage industry has become the largest market for metal packaging, and chemicals, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry has become an important market for metal packaging.   

With the improvement of living standards of consumers, food and beverage packaging demand will grow rapidly. In particular functional drinks, canned food increased rapidly, providing more opportunities for metal cans. Currently, the world's most recognized metal packaging containers are safe and environmentally friendly products, the potential for future development.
The last 10 years, China's beverage industry has maintained an annual growth rate of over 20% in 2011 to 118 million tons of beverage production. China's total 9.72 million tons of canned sales 120.2 billion yuan, which includes a metal packaging, soft and hard forms of packaging and other packaging products. With the ability to improve and upgrade the national consumption spending habits emerging, fast-growing high-end product extensive use of metal beverage packaging.  

Experts predict that China's metal packaging industry a huge space for development in the next 3-5 years, exceeded 100 billion value of a foregone conclusion. Food and consumer goods continued to grow rapidly, especially as the rapid growth of consumer beverage, beer cans rate values ​​increasing, gradually increase the strong demand for rural two-piece cans, metal packaging machinery and equipment, management and production scale Therefore, China's metal packaging industry will accomplish much.