Chinese Aluminum Production

On Sep. 11st 2013, CEO of Alcoa, MR. Klaus Kleinfeld suggested at the 2013 Summer Davos Forum "to promote smart development", that China 's aluminum production enterprises should to go out , make greater use of overseas opportunities. According to MR. Klaus Kleinfeld, China's extensive use of aluminum in the production of coal-fired generation, which even lignite. Data show that China produced 1 MT of aluminum produced carbon emissions are twice the global average, while half of Alcoa's production capacity using a cleaner and cheaper hydropower.

As aluminum prices goes down, most of China's aluminum production fell below the cost of enterprises, leading Chinese aluminum prices cannot be profitable, Klaus Kleinfeld recommend "Chinese companies can seek cooperation abroad, more use of overseas opportunities". Took part in the September 10 , Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and media sector with business leaders dialogue, Klaus Kleinfeld believe that China is not simply the pursuit of economic growth, but quality growth , as well as high-value enterprises, including in the economic and ecological aspects. Although this will result to some extra cost, but still important. In the meeting with Li Keqiang said that China cannot take follow some developed countries’ style of "pollution first, treatment later".