Cutting Thick-Gauge Stainless Steel

In this article, we discuss how to cut thick-gauge stainless steel.  In fact, the whole produce process of thick-gauge stainless steel and related products should be much more complex. If you are seeking Stainless Steel products, you can contact Mirach Metallurgy Co.,Limited for more info.

Thick-Gauge Stainless Steel

1. Cut steel thicker than 8 gauge with an angle grinder with an abrasiveness cutoff wheel that is designed for making rough cuts on stainless steel. Be sure to use a face shield, safety glasses, leather gloves and earplugs to protect yourself from flying debris, sparks and loud noise produced by the angle grinder.

2. Clamp your stainless steel plate down to a sawhorse or work bench in a well-ventilated area. Cutting with an angle grinder will produce a lot of sparks and smoke and should be done far away from any flammable substances.

3. Mark with a permanent marker or scribe where you would like to make your cut.

4. Fit your abrasiveness cutoff wheel onto your angle grinder and adjust the guard so that the blade is exposed. Release the safety and engage the motor before contacting the surface of the metal.

5. Cut through the metal plate slowly and try to aim any sparks away from your body and face. The angle grinder cannot make curved cuts, so you will have to approximate curves with rough, angled cuts and then grind them into curves later.

6. Let the cut cool for five to 10 minutes before touching it. If you have rough sections that must be shaped into curves, fit a grinding wheel only your angle grinder and stand down sharp edges, using the same precautions you would for cutting, until the shape is fully formed. Finally, sand any rough edges or burs when your work has cooled.