Famous Tinplate Advertising Case

In1783, a Jews businessman named Paul Julius came up with an amazing idea in order to sell mirach tinplate. He handwrote 60 copies of tinplate posters and pasted them on the pole of 30 streetlights along London suburb mills center. As a result of this successful advertisement action, Paul Julius was regarded as the first person who creates tinplate ads.

However, Paul Julius paid great cost due to this advertising idea. Within 3 days since his posters, angry peers impacted Julius factory located in the outskirts of London, and set fire to a warehouse stacked tin burned. Unfortunately Julius died, became a sensation of the "tinplate advertising event".

200 years later , the founder of the world's first a news event planning company Englishman Edward Lloyd , very unique evaluation of the incident , he said: " Paul Julius did not fail, though he lives and factories have to catch up, sell tinplate from this point on, Paul is precisely the success of his death, almost the whole of Europe to understand and become familiar with the tin , knowing his role and value , but I tell you quite frankly , in my opinion , 60 advertising posters nothing, more than most, he can only attract few buyers for Paul , and Paul Julius 's death and factories were closed , warehouses were burned and so these news events , the most effective is the real advertising , otherwise , tinplate not be so quick to be accepted by the whole of Europe . "

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