Main Properties of 316L Stainless Steel

In this article, experts from share the three most important properties of 316l stainless steel. If you are going to manufacture stainless steel products, please contact Mirach Metallurgy Co.,Limited for detail.

Corrosion Resistance
This is potentially the most important property and the reason for use of stainless steel grade 316L. The high corrosion resistance of 316L allows for its use in chloride environments, architecture and marine applications.

Heat Resistance
One of stainless steel 316L's strongest properties is its heat resistance. The metal's oxidation resistance holds up through 870 degrees C and it remains serviceable up to 925 degree C.

Weldability and Machining
Grade 316L cannot typically be welded using oxyacetylene methods of welding. Other methods, like standard fusion and resistance methods, work exceptionally well whether or not filler metals are utilized.