Stainless Steel Bar Development Prospect

In the past two years as China’s steel industry of rapid development, and stainless steel  industry in China has made remarkable progress in China started in 2006 stainless steel  project has some put into production, and domestic production by leaps and bounds, in replace imported at the same time, with species and quality improvement and export share a significant increase in. Stainless steel bar supply and demand situation in great changes, stainless steel  bar provided became obvious to ascend, and accompanied by a large number of products export, import decline rapidly. In 2006, stainless steel crude steel production reaches 5.61 million tons, is one of the largest rise in output, make China as the world’s largest producer and consumer of stainless steel. Domestic stainless steel  bar capacity have accounted for a quarter of the global stainless steel production, fundamentally changed the pattern of the world stainless steel industry. Along with a rapid release of stainless steel output in the past two years, China will be the world’s largest stainless steel net importer into stainless steel net exporter.