Stainless Steel Crude Steel Production in China Expected to Exceed 10 Millon MTs by 2020

During the Eighth International Conference on Stainless Steel, Mr. Cheng Lee, China Special Steel Enterprises Association, honorary president of Stainless Steel Branch, estimate that China's stainless steel crude steel production will likely exceed 25 million tons, apparent consumption will likely more than 20 million tons by 2020.

Mr. Cheng Lee also pointed out that China developed a steady growth, adjusting structure, promoting reform and improve people's recent economic goals and achieve "a new four modernizations" (industrialization, information technology, urbanization, agricultural modernization) of long-term economic objectives, and decided to invest in railways, urban infrastructure construction, environmental protection, consumer information and other aspects of the major initiatives launched steady growth, which will become the Chinese steel industry, the development of a strong driving force.

Steady growth of the national launch major initiatives in particular: strive to "Twelve Five" railway fixed assets investment 3.3 trillion RMB. By 2015, information consumption scales will exceed 3.2 trillion RMB, an average annual increase of 20% above.