The Developmental History of Tinplate

Tinplate originated in Bohemia (now Czech Republic and Slovakia).Since ancient times, the place of metal-rich, advanced technology, and know how to use water in the machine building, from the 14th century began to produce tinplate. Generally in a very long period of time, there has been a major producer of tinplate in the world. Was mainly used to manufacture tin plate and a drink.

The 17th century, Britain, France, Sweden, had hoped to build their own tinplate industry, but because of the need lot of money. It has not yet been developed. Until 1811, Brian. Tang gold and John. Hall opened tin of canned food, the only large-scale manufacture of tinplate developed. Today the world production of tin a year about 25 million tons, more than a third used to make tinplate, most of them for the canned food industry.

1810: World first by the British invention of tin cans, and patented. Can an expert to do the day was 60 cans.
1900: invention of electric welding.
1847: The United States invented the canning machine, instead of artificial.
1965: Start of aluminum easy open ends for use in canning.
1973: Start of iron used in the canning easy-open lid.
1990: Can technology upgrading to produce 1,000 cans per minute or more.