The Usage of Tin Plated Steel in Food Industry

The topic of this entry is about The Usage of Tin Plated Steel in Food Industry. In the following part, we will discuss the detail of Tinplate.

Tinplate canned food,except a small number of light-colored fruits and canned fruit juices, mostly uses the internal painted cans, in order to improve the corrosion characteristics of the container; Due to microelectronic effect of the metal, in storage process  of canned food , there will be a small amount of iron dissolution. The form of divalent iron presents in the sealed canned food, and it is easily absorbed by the body of which the content is about 1 to 10 ppm. Comparing to fruit and vegetable products, raw iron content is not more than tin cans . The beverage cans is about 350 ml per tank, if the content of iron is 5 ppm per tank,  which is about one-tenth human daily intake . If the fruit and vegetable juice cans above is rich in vitamin C, iron is more easily absorbed and thus iron canned food and beverage is regarded as a good source of iron, which can provide nutrition, more far-reaching.
Because of these properties, tinplate cans is used for a hot outside, completely cut off closed system of environmental factors, so as to avoid spoil because of the light, oxygen, moisture, aroma through fades or affected by environmental odor through pollution and stale food storage stability preservation rate is superior to other packaging materials, vitamin C the highest nutrient preservation is also best.