Tinplate Hardness Testing

Tinplate of hardness testing in the past most of the desktop surface Rockwell hardness tester, using ordinary steel flat anvil, test HR30T hardness.
In recent years, due to the national standard GB/T2520-2000 tinplate began to use the international generic HR30Tm hardness representation, the country has adopted the diamond anvil test tinplate of the HR30Tm hardness value.
However, test HR30Tm hardness of a diamond anvil made Rockwell hardness few such accessories can buy. Is difficult to buy the right diamond anvil desktop surface hardness and more expensive. The hardness HR30Tm line is not common in the domestic tinplate industry. In particular, the hardness is very important in the use of the tinplatemanufacturers is also intended to total knowledge to the tin, it relates to the processing quality of the product, related to the productivity and enterprise efficiency. However, most enterprises have not purchased tinplate material hardness re-examination.
Now, Shenyang satellite TT & Instrument Co., Ltd. has produced a PHR Series Portable Rockwell superficial hardness, it weighs only one percent of the desktop, the price is only half of the desktop, accuracy, and desktop the same machine, are in line with the requirements of national standards on the Rockwell hardness test GB / T 230.1-2004. As optional, Shenyang Star also provides for the diamond point of the the test HR30Tm hardness anvil, its price is only one fifth of the domestic like product.
The hardness of the test tin can choose to use the PHR-1S surface Rockwell hardness tester, it weighs only 0.7kg, you can test the thickness of 0.05 ~ 25mm strip material, pipe wall hardness test internal diameter more than 26mm, the inner diameter of 30mm or more of the test pipe outer wall hardness. Coupled with diamond point anvil HR30Tm hardness can test tinplate. This instrument can facilitate the Strip to the production site, to use the sales site and materials warehouse. Tinplate production plant can be used for online quality control, can also be used tinplate plant material re-examination can also be taken to the steel market to buy materials. If accompanied by a purchase of the pieces bearing support can also be placed on a platform (eg, desk) for accurate testing.
The PHR-1S surface Rockwell hardness tester is very suitable for tinplate of hardness testing, and its adoption must give the production and use of tinplate manufacturers to bring significant benefits.