Tinplate of hardness detection

1. tin tin is plated with a layer of tin metal, it is not easy to rust, also known as tin-plated iron. The iron plates dipped into the molten liquid tin obtained. Tin is a reactive metal than iron, neither oxidized by air without reacting with water, so there are very strong corrosion resistance. The iron plates coated a thin layer of tin can be a good protection.Coating once destroyed electrochemical corrosion occurs because iron is more lively than tin, iron will as the original battery’s negative oxidation loss, the presence of tin will accelerate the corrosion rate of iron, tin and tin, it can onlyonly in the case of coating intact to protect the role of iron.
Tin was first produced in Bohemia (now Czech Republic and in Slovakia). The land since ancient times rich metal, advanced technology, and understand the use of water in the machine building, from the 14th century began to produce tinplate. In a very long period of time, there has been a major producer of tin in the world. Tin is mainly used to make cutlery and drinking utensils.
In the 17th century, Britain, France, Sweden, had hoped to build their own tinplate industry, due to the need of large sums of money, so the delay has not been development. Until 1811, Brian Tang gold and John Hall opened the tin canned food, tinplate manufacture to large-scale development. Now the world annual production of tin is about 25 million tons, more than 1/3 used to make tinplate, most of them for the canned food industry.
2. Tinplate of hardness testing, hardness testing in the past most of the desktop surface Rockwell hardness tester, using ordinary steel anvil, the test HR30T hardness.
In recent years, due to the national standard GB/T2520-2000 tinplate began to use the international generic HR30Tm hardness representation, the country has adopted the diamond anvil test tinplate of the HR30Tm hardness value.
However, test HR30Tm hardness of a diamond anvil made Rockwell hardness few such accessories can buy. Is difficult to buy the right diamond anvil desktop surface hardness and more expensive. The hardness HR30Tm line is not common in the domestic tinplate industry. In particular, the hardness is very important in the use of the tinplate manufacturers is also intended to total knowledge to the tin, it relates to the processing quality of the product, related to the productivity and enterprise efficiency. However, most enterprises have not purchased tinplate material hardness re-examination.