Tinplate Price info According to Shanghai Hearing

According to Shanghai Hearing on 14th Oct., the marketing price of tinplate keep steady and tend to be weakening. Some price for reference as bellows: Meishan Steel 0.20mm * 860mm quoted at 7010 RMB/MT, Meishan Steel 0.23mm * 800mm offer 6870 RMB/MT, Baosteel 0.25mm * 800mm offer 7050 RMB/MT, Baosteel 0.30mm * 930mm offer 6650 RMB/MT, Baosteel 0.16mm * 895mm offer 7530 RMB/MT (material DR8), above the current market price of the mainstream.

Regularly, the fourth quarter is the peak season demand before the Spring Festival, and the price for tinplate would increase during this period. However, this year, tin plate market prices are not rising, falling, on the one hand shows that the current market is facing a lot of demand pressures, but also that supply and demand are deteriorating. Of course, Wuxi regional prices were mainly due to the presence of excessive lending funds local businesses.