Tinplate Production Process

In this text, we discuss the topic of Tinplate Production Process. In this article, you can learn the whole process of tinplate manufacturing.

tinplate production process

Tinplate production process as follows: tin plating of pickling low-carbon steel sheet → → softsolution processing → passivation → oiling → Check → shear → Category → packaging.
Tinplate by the metallographic analysis of its organizational structure as follows: a total of fivefrom the inside out.
(1) steel substrates. Can general with a thickness of 0.2 ~ 0.3MM.
(2) tin alloy layer. For the tin Ferroalloys structure, plating tin plate tin content to <1G/M2, hot-diptin plate for 5G/M2.
(3) tin layer. The tinned amount of the pure tin layer, electroplating tin plate the 5.6G/M2 ~ 22.4G/M2, hot-dip the tinplate 22.4G/M2 ~ 44.8G/M2.
(4) oxidation film. Mainly stannous oxide, tin oxide, etc..
(5) film layer. Cotton seed oil or dioctyl sebacate.