Coated and Printed Tinplate

coated and printed tinplate

Mirach Metallurgy offers you coated and printed tinplate, or known as prepainted tinplate according to customers' design, or lacquered tinplate, we strictly control the painting material with none Pb,anti-heating and bacteria. 

Standard: JIS G3303 for base metal equivalent ASTM A657

Base Thickness:0.125~0.60mm

Width: 600~1050mm

Coil ID: 405/508 mm

Temper Single Reduced: 49~65 HR (T1BA~T5CA)

Double Reduced: 73~80 HR (DR8~DR10)

Production process: interior coating -> exterior coating -> printing (multiple times) -> finishing varnishing -> baking and drying

Due to its hard and non-absorbent material, Mirach Metallurgy adopts offset printing as a major method for tinplate printing used for metal cans. The printing methods are mainly classified into two types by their can structure. Sheet printing, using lithographic plates, for metal sheet is applicable to 3-piece and DRD cans. Alternatively, curved surface printing, using plastic letterpress plates (Ref. 2-piece Can Waterless Lithographic Printing) is applicable to 2-piece DWI cans and TULC.


Can's classification Decorative Type Object to be printed Types of Can Printing Method
3 Piece Can Sheeting Printing Coated Metal Sheet Welded Can Lithography Offset Printing
2 Piece Can DRD
Curved Surface Printing Metal Can DWI, TULC, aTULC Letterpress Curved Offset Printing
Lithography Curved Offset Printing
Labeling PET Film TULC Gravure Printing

Special Notice: for coated and printed tinplate inquiry, we require customer offer their own design in PDF, JPG, or CDR format with acceptable Image resolution.