Electrolytic Chromium Coated Steel

tin free steel

Electrolytic Chromium Coated Steel, or known as Tin Free Steel (TFS) is a kind of commonly alternative material of tinplate. TFS are frequently used for can tops, screw and lug caps, snap and press-on closures and shallow-drawn food cans.

The main features of Electrolytic Chromium Coated Steel is as following:

Excellent paint adhesion: TFS has excellent paint adhesion properties that far surpass those of ETP, allowing its use for making DRD cans and adhesive bonded cans.


Excellent heat resistance: High-temperature baking causes neither discoloration nor deterioration in material properties.


Excellent resistance to Sulphur Blackening: The metallic chromium in TFS has excellent sulphide resistance property when canning protein-rich foodstuff such as fish. TFS compensates for the expensive sulphur resistant lacquer.


Excellent filiform rust resistance: TFS has a excellent under film corrosion resistance.


Excellent alkali resistance: The coating in TFS is not amphoteric. Alkaline products such as detergents and dispersion colours can be packed in TFS with advantage.


Standard: JIS G3315 ASTM A657




Width: 700~1050mm


Coil ID: 405/508 mm


Temper Single Reduced: 49~65 HR (T1BA~T5CA)


Double Reduced: 73~80 HR (DR8~DR10)


Coating: 90~140 (mg/m2) regular including Metal Chromium and Chromium in Oxide