Electrolytic Tinplate Sheet

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Features of Electrolytic Tinplate Sheet

Excellent Corrosion Resistance: By selecting a proper coating weight, appropriate corrosion resistance is obtained against container contents.

Excellent Paintability & Printability: Printing is beautifully finished using various lacquers and inks.

Excellent Solderability & Weldability: TIN PLATE is widely used for making various types of cans by soldering or welding.


Excellent Formability & Strength: By selecting a proper temper grade, appropriate formability is obtained for various applications as well as the required strength after forming.

Beautiful Appearance: Electrolytic ETP is characterized by its beautiful metallic luster. Products with various kinds of surface roughness are produced by selecting the surface finish of the substrate steel sheet.

1. Range:

(1) Tin Coating: 2.8/2.8 g/m ~ 11.2/11.2g/m

(2) Thickness: 0.125 ~ 0.50mm     0.125 ~ 0.18mm are DR materials

(3) Width: 710 ~ 1200mm


2. Material quality:

(1) Standard: JIS G3303 or G3315

(2) Thickness tolerance: +/- 0.01mm                           

(3) Steel Grade: MR, SPCC

(4) Packaging: International Standard Export Package


II. Size of printing and yellow coating:

The yellow coating, brand, picture and other items of printing are based on customer’s requirements.