Tin Free Steel Coil / Sheet

tin free steel coil

Characteristics of Tin Free Steel Coil / Tin Free Steel Sheet

Appearance: Even when the same surface finish as ETP is applied to the substrate steel sheet, it provides the unique surface luster characteristic of metallic chromium.

Corrosion resistance: As it has excellent corrosion resistance after painting, it is generally used with both surfaces painted. It can also be used with the internal surface unpainted, depending on the contents.


Solderability: TFS is not compatible with soldering.

Weldability: Although TFS can be welded when the metallic coating layers are removed, its weldability is inferior to ETP.

Coating weights: Unlike the multiplicity of coating weights with tin, only one standardized chromium-coated product is manufactured.

Standard: JIS G3315 ASTM A657


Width: 700~1050mm

Coil ID: 405/508 mm

Temper Single Reduced: 49~65 HR (T1BA~T5CA)

Double Reduced: 73~80 HR (DR8~DR10)

Coating: 90~140 (mg/m2) regular including Metal Chromium and Chromium in Oxide