Tinplate Strips Coils for Packaging

electrolytic tinplate strip

Tinplate Strip, Electrolytic Tinplate Strip

1). Thickness: 0.15mm To 0.40mm

2). Width: From 600mm To 1050mm

3). Temper: T1- T5

4). Type of Steel: MR(POSCO and BAOSTEEL), SPCC, Q195L

5). Tin Coating: 1.1/1.1; 2.8/2.8; 2.8/5.6, 5.6/5.6g/m2

6). Surface: Stone/ Bright/Rough

7). Form: Coils, Plain Sheet

8). Packaging: Inner Packing: Anti-Rust Paper Outer Packing: Corner Protected

9). Usage: Food Cans(Beverage Cans, Cookies Cans, Snack Cans, Fruit Cans, Tomato Cans etc. )

Industrial Cans(Chemical Cans, Paint Cans, Gift Can, Stationery Box, Aerosol Can etc. )

General Line Packaging

TYPE Technical Agreement Size for Sheets Size for Coils Application
T-2   0.2-0.5×800-1050×400-1200 0.2-0.5×800-1050xC Mainly used for making food cans, beverage cans, and lid, or used as package material for chemical and medicine products. Type D steel has excellent deep drawing properties, can prevent LUDERS slip deficiency during can making.Type MR has excellent anti-erosion properties for normal containers making.
T-3 Q/WG(LZ)13-2009
ES MR-TH52 WJX(LZ)19-2008 Food Grade(ES)can be used for making varied kinds of food cans, beverage cans and another steel boxes.
DR-7.5 Q/WG(LZ)13-2009 Double Cold-reduced electrolytic tinplate has advantages in its thin thickness, high mechanism properties and antierosion which used for making the lid for beer and carbonated drinks.