Aluminium Coil/Sheet 3000 Series

Aluminum Coil 3105

3000 series typical alloy: Aluminum Coil 3003, 3004, Aluminum Coil 3105, 3104, 3102 etc
Temper: H14/24, H16/26, H18, O, H111 etc
Size available (thickness): 0.2~6.0m normally
Width: Normally 700~2400mm normally


Description: The most widely used general purpose alloy. Stronger than 1000 series alloy like 1100, 1050 but still readily formable. 300 series alloy has excellent resistance to chemicals and weathering. Recommended for general use where the extra strength is required.


Surface: Mill finished
Tolerance: Edge trim, accord to ASTM H35 and GB/T 3880
PVC fim available
Coil ID 405 or 505mm.


This specification covers aluminum and aluminum alloy flat sheet, coiled sheet, and plate in the alloys
Alloy and temper designations are in accordance with ANSI H35.1.
Equivalent standard in Chinese: GB/T3190 for chemical composition and GB/T3880 for mechanism properties.


General Quality:
Unless otherwise specified, the material shall be supplied in the mill finish and shall be uniform as defined by the requirements of this specification and shall be commercially sound. Any requirement not covered is subject to negotiation between producer and purchaser.
Each sheet and plate shall be examined to determine conformance to this specification with respect to general quality and identification marking. On approval of the purchaser, however, the producer may use a system of statistical quality control for such examinations


Alloy Temper Thickness in Sheets (mm) Thickness in Coil (mm)
3003 F >6.30-80.00 >2.50-8.00
H112 >6.00-80.00
O >0.20-50.00 >0.20-6.00
H12,H22,H14,H24 >0.20-6.00 >0.20-6.00
H16,H26,H18 >0.2-4.00 >0.20-4.00
H28 >0.2-3.00 >0.20-3.00
3004   3104 F >6.30-80.00 >0.20-8.00
H112 >6.00-80.00
O >0.20-50.00 >0.20-6.00
H111 >0.20-50.00
H12,H22,H32,H14 >0.20-6.00 >0.20-6.00
H24,H34,H16,H26,H36,H18 >0.20-3.00 >0.20-3.00
H28,H38 >0.20-1.50 >0.20-1.50
3005 O,H111,H12,H22,H14 >0.20-6.00 >0.20-6.00
H111 >0.20-6.00
H16 >0.20-4.00 >0.20-4.00
H24,H26,H18,H28 >0.20-3.00 >0.20-3.00
3105 O,H12,H22,H14,H24,H16,H18 >0.20-3.00 >0.20-3.00
H111 >0.20-3.00
H28 >0.20-1.50 >0.20-1.50
3102 H18 >0.2-3.00 >0.20-3.00