Aluminum extrusion suppliers in the world

In this article, professional hot line clamp distributor Mirach Metallurgy Co.,Limited share the famous Aluminum extrusion suppliers in the world. First of all, we will give a brief introduction to Aluminum extrusion and then its suppliers information.

Aluminum extrusion is the process by which a billet of metal is forced through a die by a hydraulic ram to create a desired shape. Aluminum can be extruded through either a hot or cold process. The popularity of aluminum extrusions is unmatched by other alloys, and continues to meet all new manufacturing needs and environmental guidelines.

American Aluminum Extrusion provides reliable service to some of the most demanding industries such as transportation, distribution, building, linear motion, and electronic OEM markets. Looking for aluminum extrusions of unique and complex shapes? No problem, that’s what we do – request your quote today!

Extrusions, Inc. a full service, aluminum extruder featuring custom and stock dies for all types of aluminum products. Extrusions has Fabrication, CNC and Anodizing in one location to produce the finest quality extruded aluminum product