Package Dedicated Tinplate Packaging Industry Reform

At present, the production of tinplate in the international arena for the production of packaging containers, a special need. The original production of tinplate not take into account the special requirements of packaging container manufacturing, just ordinary tin, so the production of packaging supplies and more inappropriate. In the development and production of special packaging tin, Europe, walking in the forefront of the world. French Iron and Steel Group is Europe’s largest iron and steel enterprises, the quality and yield are not inferior to Japan, while the improvement of production techniques and varieties of Japan than. In recent years, the French steel company first developed special packaging tin, and put into the market, causing a revolution in the packaging industry.
Manufacture of containers for tin is the development direction of the steel industry. French companies in recent years the development of packaging tinplate has been put into use in Europe, and fashion trends. Product main types of the three cans of tinplate aerosol cans and cosmetics cans with tin, closed the cover and crown cover with tin, paint and chemical products, container, tin, two cans of tinplate, special purpose packaging tin.

At present, the use of the tinplate in China mostly uses the distinction between the manufacture of containers, often a quality instability and difficult problem. Special tinplate material affect the quality of the problem is solved. In fact, domestic containers, product quality issues, waste and defective largely related to the material. Special tin usage in Europe is indicative of this.

The particularity of the special packaging tin

Mr. Giraldo in special packaging tin research in France not long ago came to China, the status of the canning companies in China, he believes, packaging tinplate never be able to use the ordinary tin, otherwise, not only a waste of amazing, and difficult to obtain profits.

According to the different requirements of the packaging industry, tinplate thickness of the material, tinned amount, and mechanical properties have different needs. Currently in Europe, used to produce three tank material thickness of 0.13-0.2 mm, achieved the greatest success for France in the research and application of this material, not only saves steel, reduce costs, and in all aspects of the product requirements (such as mechanical strength, etc.) do not reduce.At present, the development of special packaging tin trends: (1) reduce the thickness of the material; (2) to improve the mechanical properties of materials. Packaging the tinplate most important indicator is the plastic deformation indicators of material and welding performance. In general, the T610 is used to make beverage cans, T6T67 used to make canned food cans, cans bottom and cover with special steel, and tank material 520 and 580, this material is easy to weld.

Japanese tin welding performance is less than ideal, the experts found that the Japanese tinplate in order to meet users prefer high surface brightness psychology, a lot of grinding in the material tinned. This is just an unscientific decorative products for the welding of the canning industry, it is highly unsatisfactory, the weld strength is low rejection rate. In fact, for the users, it is worth the candle.

In order to meet the different needs of packaging tinplate, France electrolysis coated with tin-plated, not only the coating is uniform, solid, and the pros and cons of the different thickness of the coating. In general, the Can with tinplate, tank tin coating than the tank, thicker tank for 2.8-11.2g/m22, and cans for 2.8-5.6g/m2. The thickness of the tin coating to exceed 15.6g/m2 (both sides) can not be welded, because the rejection rate. Therefore, the tin layer is thinner, the better welding effect. Tin price is too expensive, people prefer to paint on the surface.

Now, the French production of tin, tinned material amount of 80% for the 1 g/m2 2g/m2, 2.8g/m2, 5.6g/m2, only 20% tinned amount of material over 5.6g/m2 for special purpose.Depending on the tin coating amount, the material the same to be divided into three types: (1) 300 # tin amount of thinner. (2) 311 # tin general, used for the manufacture of cans products. (3) 312 # tin thick, there is a special purpose.

For example, the packaging the application of tinplate aerosol cans with 0.18-0.12 mm thick T61 tinplate manufacture cans; roof with a 0.30-0.35 mm thick tinplate mechanical properties of 752-T55; 0.30-0.31 mm tinplate bottom of the tank. T65 twice annealing. Currently used to manufacture food cans, can choose the thickness 0.14-0.17 mm tinplate, Europe has begun to use a thickness of 0.11-0.13 mm tinplate. Packaging light, and can reduce costs. Take food cans, in 1974, the European use of the tinplate of 0.24 mm thick T59 to 1994 are 0.14 mm thick DR580-620 tin, this is the direction of development.