Shanghai Tinplate: Price Expected to Increase

Shanghai – the 16th Shanghai market price of tin plate running smoothly. As of press time, Meishan Steel 0.20mm * 860mm quoted at 6910RMB/MT, Meishan Steel 0.23mm * 800mm quote 6770RMB/MT, Steel 0.25mm * 800mm offer 7,000RMB/MT, Steel 0.30mm * 930mm quote 6600RMB/MT, Baosteel 0.16mm * 895mm quote 7530RMB/MT ( material DR8), above the current market price of the mainstream . (Price reference based on 2.8/2.8) .

Today Baosteel issued in March 2014 tin plate futures orders policies, and Baosteel Meishan Steel tin plated, ferrochrome prices by 150-200RMB/MT , this will boost the domestic tin market trend. It is understood that the current prices of private steel mills in northern markets strong will, is expected to rise at 100-150RMB/MT. From this perspective, the tinplate market after the Spring Festival will set off a wave of “driven by the steel price increases in raw material costs led to rising prices of short-term market price movements," Shanghai market response is particularly evident with the rise booking futures, spot market will also be a certain level of rise.
But in the long term, in 2014 the national " thrifty order" downstream tinplate packaging industry is bound to limit the growth in demand is expected in 3-4 months after the market price or weaker , recommended caution , not so much.