Steel Industry Stock Outlook for 2012

In the past 2012, although there is serious decrease in both international business and global economy, steel industry still grow a little. Here, you can see the general outlook for steel industry in 2012.

World crude steel production was a record 1,548 Mt in 2012, outperforming the 2011 level by 1.2%. From Jan through May 2013, world crude steel production has increased 2.1% year over year to 658 Mt. China retained its leadership position, yielding almost 49% of the global output at 325 Mt, an 8% annual rise.

Production in Japan, the second largest producer, increased 1.3% year over year to 45 Mt. The United States held the third position, producing 36 Mt of crude steel, a 7% annual decline. Production in Europe and South America were a dampener, declining 6% and 5%, to 70 Mt and 18.8 Mt, respectively.

Through the Jan-May timeframe, world crude steel production attained the highest figure in 2013 so far in May, at 136 Mt and a 2.6% annual increase.

(Source: Steel Industry Stock Outlook – July 2013)


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