Tinplate Brief History

Tinplate is coated with a layer of tin metal, which has anti-erosion property. It was first produced in Bohemia (now the Czech Republic and Slovakia), where the land is rich in metals, advanced technology, and know how to use hydraulic engaged in machinery manufacturing since the 14th century. In a very long period of time, there has been a major producer of tin plate in the world. Tinplate was mainly used to manufacture cutlery and drink ware.

Britain, France, Sweden intended to establish their own tinplate industry in the 17th century, but due to huge financial cost, their sweet came up with nothing. Until 1811, Brian Tang gold and John Hall opened tin of canned food, the only large-scale manufacture of tinplate developed. Today, the world annual production of about 250,000 tons of tin, 1/3 for the manufacture of tinplate, most of which is used to canned food industry.