Tips To Get Good Trim Coil PVC Products

In this article, experts from share the skills to identify Good Trim Coil PVC products. If you are planning to buy Trim Coil related products, you should read the article first for tips.

Examine the existing trim on the house and create a bend pattern with a scrap piece of PVC trim coil. This involves bending a thin strip of metal to match the shape of the current wooden trim.

Roll 12 feet of PVC trim coil out onto a hard surface and separate it from the remainder of the coil by cutting in a straight line with the razor knife.

Mark the width of the PVC coil stock with a pencil in 1-foot sections.

Cut along each 1-foot mark with the razor knife so that three sections are created. Each one will measure 1 foot wide by 12 feet long.

Use the trim pattern to mark each bend across the width of one PVC coil trim strip. Flatten the pattern and use the indentations as a guideline. Mark outer bends on the top side of the coil stock and inner bends on the bottom side. Mark in three places, at each end and in the middle.