Why tinplate for canning is a better material

Do canned tin, covered in shiny silver, is very beautiful. This is because the dip of the light of tin, tin gown to wear in the metal outside, people called this metal as a “tin”. About the origins of the “tin” the old name, is said to be the past, foreign businessmen from China’s Tibet Ali horses mouth input, this metal; that due to our past to do with this metal kerosene lamps, the lamp, shaped like a horse mouth, so hereinafter referred to as “tin”. Tin in the world annual production of almost 30% is used to make tinplate.

Tin and iron, a very good relationship. Tinplate surface, merely coated with a thin layer of tin, but it is tightly attached to the metal on. Even when heated, tin rusted tin dioxide, and oxygen combine to form this layer of oxide film is still closely follows the surface of the tin to protect the inside of tin is no longer rusty. , Tin became a metal guard, cut off from the iron and oxygen, moisture, tinplate life much longer than common iron.

Manufacture of a tinplate not take the number of tin, only 11.2 grams of tin per square meter; as a box of paints, you can draw on dozens of hundreds of paintings, one ton of tin, actually covering over 80,000 square meters metal. Therefore, the tin is cheaper.

However, the use of tin, you can be careful, Do outside of the tin layer misfortune to scratch! If the misfortune to scratch, and then a damp, the entire metal will quickly rot.